Cosmetic dentistry improves the function and form of your smile while placing an increased focus on aesthetics. Our practice is committed to combining science and artistry to correct discolored teeth, gaps, chips, missing teeth and other imperfections using the latest cosmetic dentistry methods and materials. Each patient receives tailored treatment designed to provide beautiful, long-lasting results.

Cosmetic procedures include:

Teeth whitening – This treatment improves the overall look of your smile using advanced brightening and whitening formulas. We offer ZOOM! in-office whitening treatments, as well as convenient take-home Ultradent Opalescence whitening kits. Each patient receives a custom mouth guard, and has the option to choose from three formula concentration levels.

Porcelain crowns – These tooth-shaped restorations are used to cap moderately to severely damaged teeth. Crowns provide the appearance of natural teeth while simultaneously protecting the damaged teeth below from decay.

Porcelain veneers – Thin semi-translucent porcelain shells are bonded to your natural teeth to correct color, size, shape, alignment or spacing discrepancies. Unlike restoration using crowns, veneers frequently do not require the natural tooth to be filed down significantly, if at all.

Tooth-colored fillings – Tooth-colored composite material used to fill a hole in a damaged or decayed tooth. The composite material blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, unlike silver amalgam fillings.

Laser gum contouring – Your gum line can be contoured to a more aesthetic shape and size following veneers, thanks to laser technology. This procedure helps improve the appearance of uneven gum lines.

Tooth reshaping or contouring – Damaged or misshapen teeth may be corrected through reshaping or contouring if enough healthy enamel is present.