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A Whiter Smile Before the Clock Strikes 12

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If you have been thinking of having your smile whitened all year, it’s not too late.  You can still find a dentist in Raleigh who can get your smile brighter and whiter before you ring in the New Year. With today’s professional teeth whitening products, you can safely eliminate the discoloration and staining that make your smile seem dull and aged.

Time is Ticking Away

A New Years SmileAre you hoping to have a whiter smile in time for a New Year’s Eve celebration? Or is there a holiday party marked on your calendar for next week? The type of whitening method that is recommended for you might be influenced by your time line. If you would like to have your smile whitened as quickly as possible, then you might be interested in the ZOOM! in-office whitening treatment. If you have a little more time to spare, then you might opt for a convenient take-home Ultradent Opalescence whitening kit.

What are my Teeth Whitening Options?

There are many ways to achieve a whiter smile. Among them, there are 3 popular options:

  1. The ZOOM! in-office whitening treatment is a light-activated procedure that is powerful enough to erase deep discoloration and set-in stains. The procedure is safe for the enamel and can typically improve the shade of the teeth by several shades in a single office appointment.
  2. The take-home Ultradent Opalescence whitening kit provides highly predictable results when applied to the teeth on a daily basis. The take-home kit includes a set of custom whitening trays and your choice of 3 whitening formulas. This method is preferred by patients who may want to repeat the whitening process periodically.
  3. White fillings that are used in place of unsightly silver fillings can also help to produce a brighter, cleaner looking smile.

There’s still time to beat the clock and find a Raleigh dentist who can help you to end the year with a nice, white smile. Just call to schedule your appointment today.

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